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Fri 26 Oct

❶ National Join a Club week !

with the Ray D’Arcy show RTE Radio 1

National Join a Club week with the Ray D’Arcy show!

National Join a Club week with the Ray D’Arcy show!

We are delighted to be part of the Ray D'Arcy Join A club Week. It’s all about encouraging people to get out and try something new, without the pressure to sign up or get an introduction. It can be intimidating to show up on your own and this initiative makes a little bit easier to try something new that might interest you. 

Now that you are here .... :) 

Are you or your children looking for something different to do in the evenings?

  • Want to get a bit fitter?
  • Want to meet new people?
  • Want to develop confidence?
  • Want to learn a new skill?
  • Want a martial art that does not involve agressive punching and kicking?
  • Want to learn a bit of self-defense?
  • Want to try a new sport?
  • Want to try something elite?
  • Want to become a black belt?


Please call 085 729 6643 or contact us via the DTA facebook page to book in for a FREE TRIAL class.

NOTE:  Don't just drop by unannounced as you may not gain access to the building unless you are booking in as a guest ...and remember to bring loose clothing (sweatshirt and bottoms)  as you will be expected to join the class

We are holding this FREE OPEN CLASS class at the Belgard Community Centre (opposite the Belgard Luas Stop) on 


Tuesday 23rd Oct and Friday 26th Oct  and every Tuesday thereafter

Children (5-10yrs) 5:00pm - 6:00pm (Tuesday Only)
Children (10 - 16)  6:00pm - 7:00pm (TuesDay & Friday)
Adults (18+)            7:30pm
 - 9:30pm  (Tuesday & Friday)

You are welcome to bring a friend (or two). Don't be nervous, everybody in our club are very welcoming of visitors and there will also be new beginners just like you. We have a good ratio of female students including a very talented female Sensei regularly teaching a part of every evening martial art aikido class.

Read more about Aikido, Sport Aikido and Martial Arts Classes here

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