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BAA Summer School & Grading

Martial Arts Dojos Dublin

There are a number of special events on the BAA calendar one of which is the Annual BAA Summer School and Grading.  This year it was held in the new Ichiban dojo, in Leeds 

This year Summer school took place over three days beginning on Friday at 10:00am and concluded on Sunday at 2:00pm followed by grading examinations which concluded at 5pm approx.

Some topics this year focussed on:

  • Some of the kihon expected to be demonstrated within the applications section of the BAA syllabus that can easily be neglected in preparations,
  • A study of Kakari-geiko and Hikitate-geiko fundamentals,
  • A study of the Dai-Yon as a demonstration of kuzushi and movement focussing in the dual role of tori and uke in its performance,
  • A short study of sections of the Dai-ni and judo influence,
  • a short study of some traditional (Aikikai) Aikido techniques,
  • a short study of the jo kata for two participants
  • and finally an introduction to some karate takedown techniques from the Shukokai syllabus.


As always at Summer School, many candidates from clubs across the UK presented themselves for examination. This year DTA had two candidates presenting for Dan grade examination. On the day, the hard work and commitment that both put in over the preceding years was evident with both delivering a controlled and technically strong performance in their demonsrations and application resulting in well deserved promotions. 

Congratulations to:-

Pam Dempsey:   Promoted to 2nd Dan
Jer Ryan:             Promoted to 1st Dan 

Martial Arts Dublin Dan Grading Success

Being congratulated by Sensei Garrett Baxter 5th Dan



A sincere thank you to Sensei Keith McClean for the tireless coaching and preparation in the run-up as well as the great support and mentoring provided on the day. Many thanks and apreciation also to all our club members , seniors and juniors, who trained and partnered with each of us giving of their time selflessly to help us practice and prepare.  

Pam, Jer.


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