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Autumn Club Grading 2018

A key highlight in all student's martial arts training is the opportunity to present for formal  examination or grading. Over the last week in October and the first week of November we held our our Autumn Club Grading for kyu grades, youth and junior grades. 

First up were the Juniors (5 -10 year olds)

Having trained very hard in the previous couple of months all eligable candidates were very excited but confident. Supported by a large contingent of familiy, friends and supporters it was a great pleasure and proud moment to see them all lined up and eager to get started. Nerves were high, but once the grading process began all student settled down to the task at hand and put in a great performance.

grading junior martial arts students

Congratulations (with promotion) to : 

Skeletor (Sean):               Green two tags
Hulk Smash (Kevin):       Green one tag
Samurai (Lee):                 Green one tag
Deadpool (Bobby):          Green one tag
T-Rex (Charlie):               Orange three tags
The Ghost (Stephan):     Orange three tags
SWAT Team (Riley) :       Orange two tags
Black Witch (Sophia) :    Yellow one tag
Aikido Kid (Daniel San): Yellow one tag

Youth Grading (10 - 16 year old)

It was great to see the majority of our youth members in attendance for the formal Autumn club grading. Even though some were not eligable to grade, they had all trained in the run-up together so took part in the event and demonstrated syllabus in parallel to those grading. (Great experience to have under their belt for their next grading). All candidates performed really well, demonstrating a marked improvement in skills and application with one or two standouts pulling off an exceptional performance on the day.

young people martial arts class grading examinations

Congratulations (with promotion) to : 

Catherine:  Blue belt
Grainne:     Green belt with two blue tags
Sean:          Green belt with one blue tag
Jake:          Orange belt with three green tags
Hannah:     Orange belt
Simon:       Orange belt
Lucas:        Orange belt


Adult Grading (16+)

Just as nervous as the Juniors and Youths, those eligable to grade were put through their paces over a two hour intense examination of syllabus and application. No grade awards come easy at DTA and all candidates were pushed, with little or no rest to the limits of their ability, concentration and fitness.  Special thanks goes to those adult members not grading who turning up to partner with and provide credibile test opponents for the candidates helping to make this event a high-level expereince. 

martial arts examination adults grading dublin

Congratulations (with promotion) to : 

Emma:     promoted to 1st Kyu  ( the third ever adult female to achieve rank of 1st Kyu in our club!)
Ross:       promoted to 2nd Kyu.
Tomasz:  promoted to 4th Kyu
Noel:        promoted to 5th Kyu

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