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Gi - Dogi - Aikidogi

Dublin Aikido Uniform

Aikidogi (合気道着 or 合気道衣) is the Japanese term for the martial arts uniform used specifically for aikido training. Most people use the term "dogi" (a more generic term to cover all martial arts) or simply "gi" (an abbreviation which simply means clothing in Japanese).

Tradition within the Tomiki Aikido community leans towards the wearing of a white (bleached) judo-style uniform made of cotton or polyester-cotton mix, tied with a belt (obi) denoting rank from 7th kyu up to 1st Dan.

In general, Tomiki Aikido training sits somewhere between judo and karate in the nature of its martial practice and therefore it is common to use heavyweight karate-gi or light to medium weight judo-gi depending on preference. Both are more durable than the typical "Karate" uniform and can withstand heavy pulling. 

aikido suit dogi gi uniformWhile there are some companies that manufacture martial arts keikogi specifically for aikido training, they are few, and hard to find.  Most Tomiki aikido practitioners opt instead for medium or lightweight Judogi that have a tightly woven jacket (uwagi) and heavily reinforced pants (zubon) with kneepatches as they withstand heavy grabbing, throwing and kneeling techniques better than any other uniform.

Due to the competitive nature of Tomiki Aikido practice, the wearing of hakama has been relegated to kata demonstrations and then only rarely.


Tips for buying your first martial arts dogi and keeping it in top shape.

  • Buy a good quality white (bleached) cotton lightweight (350gsm) judogi if possible 
  • Buy a uniform one size bigger than you need, as it will shrink when washed.
  • Cold wash your dogi after every use if possible. (avoid washing at temperature above 30C to minimise shrinkage)
  • Don't use conditioners or fabric softners
  • Every four washes add an oxy-whitener to your detergent.
  • Drip dry if possible. If using a dryer, set to low temperature to minimise shrinkage.
  • Always iron your dogi before wearing.

Recommended dogi brands:  (coming soon)




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