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Unsoku Undo

This series of basic foot movements seem simple, but done with purpose it contains the foundation of Tomiki Aikido.

Being extremely mobile, avoiding and blending with the oncoming energy of an attack is a fundamental skill of Aikido. It is imperative that the Aikidoka move his or her feet aggressively, in order to maintain proper balance, distance and position. The feet are moved with tsukii-ashi, or sliding steps. The feet always remain in contact with the floor, so as to retain good solid balance. 

The foot movements make up the first portion of what is commonly referred to as the walking kata. There are 3 sets of foot movements: front-to-back, side-to-side, and the four corners. Each set of eight movements is repeated twice.

Set 1:  Shomen Ashi - forward step
Set 2:  Waki Ashi - side to side step
Set 3:  Tenkan Ashi - step feet

Published on Oct 25, 2014 取:小中淳二, 監修:佐藤忠之
Tori:Junji Konaka, Supervised by Tadayuki Sato
Produced by JAA, Educational Div., Committee on Instruction

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