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Dublin Aikido Coaching Team

Sensei Keith McClean - Yondan (四段)

keith mcclean sensei

Founder and Chief Instructor of Dublin Tomiki Aikido (DTA), Keith Sensei has been a keen student of Aikido for the last 22 years. A leading figure in the development of Tomiki Aikido in Ireland, Keith Sensei is the driving force behind Ireland's very successful national youth development programme.

  • 4th Dan awarded in 2016 by the BAA, examined by B.Jones 7th Dan, P.Wildish 6th Dan, V.Fairchild 5th Dan.
  • Chief Instructor and Founder,  Dublin Tomiki Aikido.
  • Chief Instructor, Tallaght Tomiki Aikido Ryu.
  • Founding member, Sport Aikido Ireland (SAI)
  • Founding member, All Ireland Tomiki Aikido Federation 
  • Head coach, Junior & Senior Irish National Sqaud
  • Control & Restraint Course Instructor for Prison Officers
  • Instructor, Aikido based self defence classes for women
  • BAA NGB Coaching Level 1 (Martial Arts, Aikido)
  • IMAC NGB Coaching Level 1 (Martial Arts, Aikido)
  • Youth Development Coaching - Coaching Ireland
  • Children First - Child Protection Certificate
  • First Aid - AED/CPR
  • Secondary School Math Teacher & Guidance Counsellor
  • Garda Vetted
  • BAA National (UK) Team compting at the World Championships 2015 , Gold Coast, Australia
  • BAA National (UK) Team competing at the WSAF World Championships 2017, London
  • Irish National Team,  Head Coach, WSAF World Championships 2017, London
  • Irish National Team Coach and Player, European Championships, Antwerp, 2014


 Sensei Pamela Dempsey - Nidan (弐段) 

Sensei Pamela Dempsey
A former UK National Randori Champion (2016), 
Pam is the highest ranking female Tomiki Aikido Instructor in Ireland. Pam is one of our leading Coaches and is a regular player selected on the BAA (UK) national and Irish National team in World and European major competition. 

  • 2nd Dan awarded in 2017, examined by B.Jones 7th Dan, G.Baxter 5th Dan and D.Ramsden 4th Dan (Observed by P.Holding 4th Dan) at BAA Summer School, Leeds, UK.
  • Coach, Junior & Youth Development Programme.
  • First Aikido female player to represent Ireland in international competition.
  • IMAC NGB Coaching Level 1 (Aikido, Martial Arts)
  • Youth Development coaching - Coaching Ireland
  • First Aid - AED/ CPR 
  • Children First - Child Protection Certificate
  • Garda Vetted 
  • BAA National (UK) Team, 2017 WSAF World Championships, London
  • Irish National Team Coach, 2017 WSAF World Championships, London
  • BAA National (UK) Team,  2015 World Championships, Australia.
  • Irish National Team competing at European Championships, Antwerp, 2014


Sensei Jer Ryan - Shodan (初段) 

Martial Art classes Dublin Sensei VonRyan

Our Club Children’s Officer, Jer, is Garda vetted and registered with IMAC. Jer is a BAA registered Club Instructor and parent of three younger members.

  • Shodan awarded in 2017. Examined by B.Jones 7th Dan, G.Baxter 5th Dan, D.Ramsden 4th Dan (Observed by P.Holding 4th Dan) at BAA Summer School , Leeds, UK  
  • BAA Coaching Level 1 Award (2018)
  • IMAC Registered Assistant Coach (2017)
  • IMAC Registered Children's Officer (2016) 
  • First Aid CPR AED, plus Child CPR AED Module (2016)
  • SafeGuarding 2- Club Childrens Officer workshop (2016)
  • SafeGuarding 1- Child Protection in Sport workshop (2014)
  • Garda Vetted. (Updated:  #IMAC RV 12 -1, 15/02/2017) 
  • Team Éire player, Embu & Randori, WSAF World Championships, London, 2017
  • Team Éire player, Embu & Randori, European Championships, Antwerp, 2014 

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