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Dublin Aikido Coaching Team

Keith McClean sensei, yondan (四段)

keith mcclean sensei

Founder and Chief Instructor of Dublin Tomiki Aikido, Keith sensei has been an active student of Aikido over 23+ years. A leading figure in the development of Tomiki Aikido in Ireland, Keith sensei is the driving force behind our very successful national youth development programme.

  • 4th Dan awarded in 2016. Examined by B.Jones 7th Dan (BAA), P.Wildish 6th Dan (BAA), V.Fairchild 5th Dan(SAF/BAA).
  • Chief Instructor and Founder, Dublin Tomiki Aikido.
  • Chief Instructor, Tallaght Tomiki Aikido Ryu.
  • Founding member, Sport Aikido Ireland (SAI)
  • Founding member, All Ireland Tomiki Aikido Federation 
  • Head coach, Junior & Senior Irish National Team
  • Control & Restraint Instructor for Prison Officers
  • Instructor, Aikido based self defence classes for women
  • BAA NGB Coaching Level 1 (Martial Arts, Aikido)
  • IMAC NGB Coaching Level 1 (Martial Arts, Aikido)
  • Youth Development Coaching - Coaching Ireland
  • Children First - Child Protection Certificate
  • First Aid - AED/CPR Certificate
  • Math Teacher & Guidance Counsellor (Secondary Level) 
  • Garda Vetted (#IMAC E166-18, 22/04/2018)  - view document image
  • Irish National Team Coach and Player, 4th ETAN Championships, Antwerp, 2014
  • BAA Team: World Championships 2015 , Gold Coast, Australia
  • BAA Team: WSAF World Championships 2017, London
  • Head Coach: Irish National Team, WSAF World Championships 2017, London
  • BAA Team: 6th ETAN Open Championships, Netherlands, 2018


Pamela Dempsey sensei, nidan (弐段) 

Sensei Pamela DempseyUK National Randori Champion (2016), Pam sensei is the highest ranking female Tomiki Aikido player in Ireland and one of our leading coaches.

  • 2nd Dan awarded in 2017. Examined by B.Jones 7th Dan (BAA), G.Baxter 5th Dan (BAA) and D.Ramsden 4th Dan (BAA) Observed by P.Holding 4th Dan (BAA) at BAA Summer School, Leeds, UK.
  • Club Instructor and Coach.
  • First female player to represent Ireland in International Sports Aikido competition.
  • IMAC NGB Coaching Level 1 (Aikido, Martial Arts)
  • Youth Development coaching - Coaching Ireland
  • First Aid - AED/ CPR Certificate
  • Children First - Child Protection Certificate
  • Garda Vetted 
  • Irish National Team, 4th ETAN Open Championships, Antwerp, 2014
  • BAA Team: 2015 World Championships, Australia.
  • BAA Team: 2017 WSAF World Championships, London
  • Irish National Youth Team Coach: 2017 WSAF World Championships, London
  • BAA Team: 6th ETAN Open Championships 2018, Netherlands


Jer Ryan sensei, shodan (初段) 

Martial Art classes Dublin Sensei VonRyan

Jer, one of our supporting parents group who caught the Aiki bug is our Children’s Officer and ensures that our younger members concerns, welfare and enjoyment is utmost in our consideration at all times. 

  • 1st Dan awarded in 2017, BAA Summer School, Leeds. Examined by B.Jones 7th Dan, G.Baxter 5th Dan, D.Ramsden 4th Dan.  Observed by P.Holding 4th Dan.  view document image
  • BAA Coaching Level 1 Award (2018) - view document image
  • IMAC Registered Assistant Coach (2017)
  • Garda Vetted. (#IMAC RV 12 -1, 15/02/2017)  - view document image
  • IMAC Registered Children's Officer (2016) -  view document image
  • First Aid CPR AED, plus Child CPR AED Module (2016) - view document image
  • SafeGuarding 2- Club Childrens Officer workshop (2016) - view document image
  • SafeGuarding 1- Child Protection in Sport workshop (2014) - view document image
  • Irish Team: 4th ETAN Open Championships, Antwerp, 2014 
  • Irish Team: WSAF World Championships 2017, London 
  • BAA Team: 6th ETAN Open Championships, Netherlands, 2018

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